Book Writing Services

CJ_SchepersWhen you need help with
your book, you want an inspired,
insightful, masterful guide.
(You want ME.)

When people ask what I do, I tell ’em: I’m the silent wind that moves through a book.

About twelve years ago, I made this confession to a friend: I really want to help people with their writing. “I know there are souls out there with a story inside that they’re burning like hell to tell. They just need some help—help they can trust. If you like video games you may be interesting in the info from ”

At the time, I’d already spent twelve years of my life as a successful ad copywriter and creative director (a job that started out as a “temporary” gig and then before I knew it . . . well, if you’ve been on the planet long enough, you know what I’m talking about). As they say, be very careful how you pick your next rut!

And so, in my bones, I knew that book writing and consulting was a clearer, purer match to my pre-ad years as a religion and science news journalist—not to mention, more aligned with my heart. Not only did I have the creative chops, I’d been classically trained with a degree in journalism, had plenty of real-world experience as an advanced editor and creative writer, and endured a ton of personal loss: put all this together and it’s the best combination one could ask for in a writer.

Since turning pro, I’ve helped a dentist-turned-mystic speak publically about the transformation of his soul . . . a once seriously ill woman and survivor of two near-death experiences write a highly personal best-seller  . . . a celebrity DA share his views on humanity and justice against the backdrop of some of his most chilling cases . . . a powerful author duo polish their fairy tale novel into a work of art that meets somewhere on the roads between The Wizard of Oz and Fried Green Tomatoes.

There are many more—from Memoir and Inspirational, to Fiction and Fantasy, to True Crime and Business—I’ve done it.

I want you as an author to truly “get”: if you put something out there and it’s riddled with disconnects and factual mistakes; if it’s an awkward read, or over-editorializes; or the story has no meaningful arc . . . chances are you’ve killed your best shot to make a difference.

And, I just hate it when that happens! It’s like starting a painting or sculpture and then part way through, you shake your head and walk away, leaving it to fend for itself—half-born, misshapen, unfinished.

Enough of my preaching. Here are my services (largely in order of decreasing complexity, time, and cost):

  • Book Ghostwriting
    Like a method actor, I slip into your view of the world and voice. Leverages my expert heavy-lifting research and intuitive creative effort.
  • Collaborative Book Writing
    A combination of rewriting your rough drafts, some ghostwriting (light, medium, major), structural revamping (finding that story arc), necessary research, fact-checking, and other heightened tunings that turn your story into a real, compelling book.
  • Book Proposal
    I can help you research and write the whole enchilada, or pump up the volume on what you’ve got. (This is for authors who are willing to try the traditional publishing route first.)
  • Developmental Book Editing
    This involves light, or medium to heavy rewriting, advanced editing, and restructuring of your rough draft manuscript.
  • Book Coaching
    I offer this for writers between worlds: confident enough in their skills and talents, who need an Indiana Jones-like guide to lead them safely across the snapping alligator pits and through the murky, black forests that threaten to stop you dead in your tracks. I won’t let them.

I usually charge by the hour because there are too many variables from writer to writer, genre to genre. Occasionally, I quote a project flat-rate. One last thought: just know that I want you, the author, to show up completely on the stage of your life. If I take you on, I believe you can do it.

Contact me today for a free consultation and price.